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Updated March 7, 2017

Tampa Palms CDD

Board Financial Analysis

(FY Oct 1, 2016 - Sept 30, 2017)


 4 months ending January 31, 2017

Executive Summary

The District ended the first four months of the fiscal year with a net cash balance of $ 5.5 million. The Board oversight responsibilities are fully met since the District financial health is in a sound position to meet community needs.

We will collect an additional $ 189 K by close of business July 31st.

The General Fund Budget reflects a favorable $ 97 K due to timing of expenditures. Expect the budgeted expenditures for the year to be realized.

The Signature TP 2017-18 budgeted monies may be carried over to next year as we await completion of BBD to more accurately examine the mitigation efforts required. To-date we have primary worked off engineering drawings and computer models.  We will not lose the funds, nor will we spend them elsewhere.

Cash Flow Outlook for Calendar 2017.

Sources and Uses of Funds (Shown in $ 000s)

Sources of Funds
Cash Balance 12/31/2016                                                   $ 5,451
Collections balance of FY 2016-17                                          189
Total Sources of Funds                                                       $ 5,885

Uses of Funds

Balance of Fiscal Year 16-17 expenses          ($ 1,719)
BBD Mitigation allocation                                 ( 1,195)
Weather related reserves                                      ( 400)
Palm Pest & Deferred Projects                             ( 400)
1st Qtr FY 2017-18 expenses                                ( 600)    ($ 4,305)
Total Uses of Funds                                                             ($ 4,305)

Projected District Funds, Presently Unallocated               $ 1,335




The CDD Board of Supervisors Meets Monthly

When: 6:00 PM,
2nd Wednesday of Each Month

Place: Compton Park General
Purpose Room
16101 Compton Drive
813 977-3337

Contact Information
CDD Office
16311 Tampa Palms Bvd
Tampa, Fl 33647
813 977-3933
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