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Updated June 12, 2017

Tampa Palms CDD

Board Financial Analysis

(FY Oct 1, 2016 - Sept 30, 2017)


 7 months ending April 30, 2017

Executive Summary

As of April 30th, the District has cash balances net of liabilities of $ 5.1 M. Taking into consideration expenses for the balance of FY 2016-17, first quarter operating requirements and weather, palm and pest reserves, along with adjusting for the Signature TP 2017 expenditures, the District has $1.4 M unallocated funds.  (Details below.)

The District has the funds to meet the District needs going forward, as presently known.


As of April 30th the District has collected 98.4 % collection of assessments, slightly ahead (.4%) of collections received at this same time last year. The District fully expects that it will collect the remaining $35 K. ($11K of that amount has already been booked for May). The District will have the funds to work its plan. A favorable variance of $ 13 K is reflected in Interest Income which results from the District-negotiating a banking agreement that included a favorable interest rate guarantee vs the budget.


The General Budget as of April 30th shows a favorable variance of $ 154 K. The most meaningful variances are in the Landscape & NPDES expenses, which are $54 K favorable, followed by the Projects at $32 K and Electricity at $11 K. These variances are mainly due to the timing of work completion versus billing.

With 5 months remaining in FY 2017, it is expected that the Districtís financial performance to be as planned.

Cash Flow Outlook for Calendar 2017.

Sources and Uses of Funds (Shown in $ 000s)

Sources of Funds
Cash Balance 4/30/2017                                                    $ 5,088
Collections balance of FY 2016-17                                           45
Total Sources of Funds                                                       $ 5,133

Uses of Funds

Balance of Fiscal Year í16-17 expenses          ($ 1,167)
BBD Mitigation allocation                                 ( 1,195)
Weather related reserves                                      ( 400)
Palm Pest & Deferred Projects                             ( 400)
1st Qtr FY 2017-18 expenses                                ( 600)  
Total Uses of Funds                                                             ($ 3,762)

Projected District Funds, Presently Unallocated               $ 1,371




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