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Updated 3/4/2012


Tampa Palms Deed Restrictions


Much of the beauty and serenity that the residents of Tampa Palms enjoy can be attributed to the fact that Tampa Palms is a deed-restricted community with high standards. These deed restrictions assure residents of quiet, clean neighborhoods as compliance with these restrictions is mandated in every homeowner’s and every commercial owner's deeds.

Deed restrictions are not a set of arbitrary rules - they are an assurance that property values in Tampa Palms will remain high. The TPOA office staff provides the enforcement of deed restrictions on behalf of the Board of Directors.

The most frequent subjects for deed restrictions violations include:

- Parking and Garages

- Animals and Pets

- Fences and Walls

- Nuisances

- Play Equipment


Your may view the CCRs on line by clicking the Community Rules link on the right. You may also see obtain a copy of the documents at the TPOA office during regular business hours.



Tip of the Month

Take stock in how your mailbox looks; it is the first thing people see of your home.


With a little paint - sometimes just scrubbing- the improvement is very apparent.