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Updated 3/4/2012


Tampa Palms Residential and Commercial Modifications


If an owner wishes to make changes to the exterior of their property, including landscape design, a request for review or a modification form must to be filled out and signed.

The form should include the dimensions, designs, materials, locations, color samples, and the exact site of any modification, as well as, as a landscape plan. Requests will not be considered for approval until all of the information is received. The TPOA office staff will assist with any questions or concerns regarding an application. (Click here for form.)

The application will be reviewed by the RMC (Residential Modifications Committee) or CMC and you will receive a written authorization to proceed.

The RMC is a group of homeowner volunteers that consists of members with experience in architecture, construction and landscaping. This committee has exclusive jurisdiction (per the governing documents) over new construction, modifications, additions, and alterations to both residential and commercial properties.

All owners must conform to the Tampa Palms design standards when making any exterior modification to their homes in Tampa Palms.  This requirement is a part of the governing documents for all villages - Residential and Commercial- in Tampa Palms. This ensures the residents of Tampa Palms that their property value will be protected and alterations will enhance the community’s overall environment.

For your convenience, a link on the menu to the left is provided with the criteria for frequently requested approvable modifications. Please remember, even if the modification is approvable, a RMC form must be submitted. 



Planning Tree Removals?

Removing most trees in Tampa Palms requires both permission from the TPOA and a permit from the City of Tampa.




For information on the City's Tree Removals rules click here.