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Updated 12/12/17


Recreation Opportunities Abound


Tampa Palms owners enjoy a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The Tampa Palms five-site park system is an amenity that even many municipalities would be proud to call their own.

The system includes five parks, each with a special variety of recreation events:

  • The Community Center - Compton Park

  • Quiet City Repose and Play Facilities - Amberly Park

  • Priceless Conservation Site - Oak Park

  • Athletic Events - Hampton Park

  • Tampa Palms Own State Park -River Park

Park Hours


Compton Park  Daily: 8 AM to 9 PM M-Thur (10 PM Fri & Sat,

                         8PM Sun)


River Park       Summer: Sun - Sat 8AM -7PM. Winter: 8AM-6PM


Hampton Park  Daily: 8 AM to 9 PM M-S (8 PM Sun)


Amberly Park  Daily: Daylight to 6 PM (Restrooms locked at 6 PM)


     Parks will be closed in case of inclement weather.


The Tampa Palms park system is private for owners and / members of Tampa Palms. The parks are private because they were built by the owners of Tampa Palms and are maintained by the owners of Tampa Palms. To see a list of the villages which have access to the Tampa Palms park system, use the pull-down box labeled "Villages Included In Tampa Palms" to the left.

See you in the park!


For Tennis Reservations

Tampa Palms has seven courts available for residents to play.

Courts may be reserved 24 hours in advance.

   Hampton Park Courts
   Reservations Call


   Compton Park Courts
   Reservations Call