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Tampa Palms Community Development District (CDD)

Tampa Palms Owners Association (TPOA)


Tampa Palms is an exclusive mix-use, planned community complete with homes, shops, offices, apartment homes, churches, recreational facilities, schools and dinning facilities.


Located on 4,100 acres of beautiful native Florida landscape, Tampa Palms embraces the Hillsborough River on the south, in fact, it was once described by the prime developer Ken Good as “your small town by the river”. Tampa Palms lies along the I-75 and Bruce B Downs (CR 581) corridors.


Today Tampa Palms includes 28 separate villages, ranging from estates to town-homes, from single family custom homes to apartment homes.


To assist owners in accessing information about the community, the TPOA and CDD share a web space. To see the CDD portion, click on "CDD" above left, to see the TPOA portion click on "TPOA" middle left.

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Tampa Palms Owners Association

16101 Compton Drive

Tampa, Florida 33647

813 977-3337






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