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Sept 17, 2016

Tampa Palms CDD Meetings and Agendas

The Tampa Palms CDD Board meets the second Wednesday of each month (except December which is usually cancelled)  at 6 PM at Compton Park, 16101 Compton Drive. For current or previous meetings, click the date for a copy of the meeting agenda. Other information such as meeting presentations and recording files follow.


Records Archive - Prior Fiscal Years


Meeting Presentations FY 2015-16

For the benefit of attendees, the CDD normally presents information for discussion as large screen presentations.  These presentations are available below as PDF files. The recording files follow, also in PDF format


Oct (2015)      Nov (2015)      Dec          Jan          Feb          Mar     


April                 May                 Jun           July        Aug          Sept 



Recording Information FY 2015-16

Oct(2015)       Nov (2015)      Dec           Jan         Feb          Mar

April               May                 June          July        Aug          Sept



FY 2015-16 Agendas (Click here)

FY 2014-15  Agendas (Click here)

The CDD Board of Supervisors Meets Monthly

 When: 6:00 PM,
 2nd Wed. Each Month

 Place: Compton Park  
 16101 Compton Drive
 813 977-3337

 Contact Information:

District  Managers

 Bruce St Denis

 John Daugirda

 CDD District Office
 16311 Tampa Palms Bl.
 Tampa, Fl 33647
 813 977-3933
 813 977-6571 FAX


Registered Agent

 Ms. Andrea Zelman

 Buchanan Ingersoll  

 Rooney PC

 401 E. Jackson St.,   

 Suite 2400
 Tampa, Florida 33602

 813 222-3335

 Email Address